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The camera is an extension of my head & my heart xxx


Obsessed with capturing life, playing with my camera (oh and the number 3!) I'm a photographer and digital creative that loves visual storytelling.


I'm most passionate about my little angel Matai, the special people in my life, travel and telling stories with impact, using photos and moving images. And did I mention the ocean? My dream is to live seaside and to spend more time on the worlds greatest playground.


I've been fortunate to make my passions a lifestyle and have worked as a professional photographer for 21 years.  In this time I've run my own successful studios taking pictures and creating content, and also worked in the Film & TV industry in various roles over the last 10 years, taking me to some incredible places. Both physically and spiritually. I've worked in roles such as Art Director, Director, Assistant Director, Personal Assistant, Stills Photographer, Editor and EPK, (behind the scenes shooting). I've also been lucky to travel with my camera in hand, and have been chosen to shoot on various projects interstate and overseas (when that was a thing damn you covid!) 

My first feature film was in 2009 where we started filming in Mysore, India. Where I went on to live for 12 months at the end of production. What an adventure that was! I've worked in Canada, Thailand, Indonesia, India and most recently NT, Northern Territory with Indigenous communities in outback Australia. All life changing and experiences I will never forget. 

My wide skill set traverses through all stages of production, from pre-production to shooting, all the way through to editing in post production. I've assisted and taken stills on set for a number of TVC's & Films, and lead a creative team at my production house JamHQ for over 10 years. You can see some of the work created by the JamHQ team here.


In following my dreams, as well as in dads footsteps, I will continue to document life's stories that surround us each and every day. These stories are what we have to pass onto future generations and are the storytellers of our future.  Some purely offering entertainment and escapism, others to inspire, educate & motivate, having a positive impact on our evolving world.

I've spent many years focusing my lens in the area of social impact, and worked alongside a number of wonderful organisations and charities. Some examples are Heartfelt, Conscious Conversations, Kids with Cancer, Project Gen Z, Ambisie, Make A Wish, Very Special Kids, Camp Quality & Muso Magic to name a few... and I would be honoured to create with you!

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